Hangi 3D Printer’ı seçmeliyim? 3D Printerların farkları nelerdir?


With the fore recently in schools Maker Movement 3D printer s started to become popular in the education sector.

In this article, based on the results I get you in accordance with my analysis, 3D printer to be considered when choosing? What are the differences in each other’s 3D printers? and what we choose 3D printer? I’ll give you ideas for achieving the answers to the questions.

First, too many options 3D printers are becoming comparable number of options depending on the application although we filter.

During this first question we must ask ourselves why choose ” 3D printer ‘s purposes for which we use and where? “.

For the small print at home you get your 3D printer, or school, etc. Will you use it for general use on the environment? These options vary according to the answer to this question will appear in front of you.

It is ready to answer the problem of general 3D printer features by reviewing the criteria that I can select the appropriate sort of 3D printers features the title for you.

General 3D Printer Features

Prints tray

Use you need to imagine the average size of your 3D design 3d printer will print. A 3D printer tray can not be done because the small print of the largest object you design your choice. Close to save the future of our country in the future, though tray trouble models used for the tray models. Therefore refer to a 3D printer model examining the priority tray size and make sure that the print area with a size that you can see your work!

Print Layer Thickness

Printing layer thickness may seem like the most important criteria by many people actually think this feature behind a step further.

So why?

You will see 3D printers, such as examining the 20-25 micron. But one detail is available here. As standard, we press in general make a design (not a very special edition) are putting pressure on 100mikro. Therefore devices have the ability to print up to 20 or 25 microns does not pose a serious matter for us.

Note: The increase in the layer thickness of küçülttük micron level of print quality also means that the increase in the printing time.

raw Materials

One of the important criteria for raw materials. generally two types of raw materials used to have two options here, including PLA or ABS.

PLA harder therefore also has a more fragile because of the small share of the stretch.

ABS is softer so it is less fragile, but ABS from your 3D object because of this feature may rise at certain points. Of course, there are solutions to this particular technique, you can get away with this without getting up.

With regards to the raw materials used in construction materials from corn PLA, ABS are made from petroleum. Therefore, PLA, ABS ascending and healthier product. When the ABS is used for a certain period in a ventilated environment distinct odor it will spread to the environment and bi ‘smell will arise but if used in ventilated environment will not be felt much.

Another exception ABS is working at high temperatures. Therefore, it is used in any 3D printer, but the PLA is almost available on all devices.



Data input:

At this stage, the fact that property owners because although we have a few options ultimately going next to each device we need to make manual initialization process is a very important move. Printer selection is not a feature of severe will add value to your device.

Usually they are working with SD Card 3D print. Working with SD Card cuff actually carries a value for you. If we consider the current ability of the features, such as Wifi considered as a cause I do not think much choice.

So far I’ve talked about general characteristics of 3D printers will help you in your selection. After reading the article up to this section, you can select from a list of 3D printers receive a brochure. 3d printers soon here in the next part of their domestic base features the 3d printer models I mentioned as well.


Highlights of 3D Printer Model


Ultima is continued pressure on print speed değiştirilebiliniy models. Of course, in this case a certain quality degradation will be different than the acceleration, but it is not too much difference.

Ultima is the pressure change in the pattern of the desired filament yapılınabiliniy moment stopped.

Ultima 2 Go , your laptobu with small size and carrying case as you can carry with you and take you where you want your 3D printer can print at any time.

Ultmak Original +, with a nostalgic look older and be a model because of its wooden frame. Also larger and takes up more space than other Ultima model.

Zotrax and MakerBot not kullandırttı different filament but with different flamentary kullanabiliniy Ultima is.

Ultima is the engine behind and filament is being pushed from the rear chamber zotrax and is also urging the engine head.

Up The Box , which has a completely closed container so that the smell of ABS filament very slight bow without removing the filtering inside.

Zortrax M200 tiny details better prints.

Replicator – 5th Generation ‘smart phone or remote control is available with the iPad.

Buildtak glued on the glass in the product printer chamber. This helps to prevent the glass object with 3D objects up during printing. Bonding of glass used on the print container.

Note: It’s kind of agonizing, you can even your own 3D printer. Taking the mechanical design accents can produce other parts of yourself or taking any other 3D printing printerdan finding ready-made models from the internet and you can make your own 3d printerınızı.

Think of it as a ..

Finally 3d printer models and brands you see that I studied during the summer of 3D printer brands and models. Study examine the need to put this here or I’m hearing is available in models. I’m investigation or devices to get into the writing already forgiven ..


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