“CODECOMBAT” Oyun oynayarak kodlamayı öğren!


“CODECOMBAT” learn to code by playing the game!

     Codecombat; Python, JavaScript and prepared for the teaching of language Lua is a web based strategy game. Turkish language support to students game can also ” learn to code by playing the game” is a successful platform to display coding slogan.

This program teaches coding The game was developed for 9 years and older. Subscription is free on request up to a certain level. Subscriptions with a variety of features (video tutorials, new heroes) are still to come.


Codecombat can use the multi-player mode or as a class teacher (surcharge) can create. The students in this class can become a member with your code.

When you write code in the code it helps with complementary Codecombat game. Help button provides users with tips to both written and video form. Also guides the user with the arrow direction.

When applying every line of code in the game that particular line of code to do it and show individual lines of investigation that is a router for users. Codecombat algorithm can learn by having fun with this feature.

Codecombat goal of the game What is it?

    We provide you rise to the next level by building moves with the hero codes. Heroes collect diamonds, fight with the soldiers, and we get a variety of accessories with diamonds gained hero. under the headline targets in each level that are listed to be done at that level. When achieving these goals begins the next level. To reach this game, you can log enough, and now only account coding to create the world via the internet … 🙂

Let’s start learning by playing:


When the entry is made by the various departments Codecombat code and information gained in every part of the screen revenues. As a result of completing the first part of the Dungeon Kithgard we get to the other part.

First episode

that’s where our level it Kithgard Dungeon.

language selection

Clicking wants us to begin to make choices in the programming languages supported. (Continued choosing Python.) We can also make the choice of heroes from this window.

ilk_sevi to


The first level begins.




The game screen is divided into two compartments. On one side portion of the code that directs the hero on the other side of the screen you will see the application code.

There’s also help in the first level.




It showed in this part of the application code level 4 and runs through the first level of success.


ikinci_sevi to


The second level is making the implementation of the code’s parts.



ucuncu_sevi toucuncu_seviye2



    At the third level we are working to fulfill the goals as well. But our soldiers should not be killed because it can use the tips given to us by using the Help button.

I orman_bolCodecombat, each level offers new information in each section. The first part is Kithgard at other levels in the Dungeon loop (loop), enemy (variable), will be features such as location and income level. Backwoods forest department and other departments also opens us to expect after this level.



      Children very lovingly by Codecombat game played in the coderdojo’ve been on Turkey’s application experience in a dojo. Codecombat the children here and they said it was a lot of fun with no coding in the game to get their attention. They loved the world Codecombat and attended the game code. If you want to take care of the encoding is a game you can choose.

Codecombat games and other information can be found here …

codecombat_logoI https://codecombat.co



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