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          Game Maker , which was on duty at Utrecht University Prof. Mark Overmars by 15 of the program in November 1999 is not a game is launched. This program was developed with the Delphi programming language, GML (Game Maker Language) as well as providing a flexible development environment and language, even those who are unfamiliar with programming with drag and drop methods allow customers to easily develop games. This feature allows even young children can be also use the program.

         Game Maker is not a game engine that is widely used around the world. Game Maker ‘s goal is to teach people to establish the programming and algorithm logic. Located in the side window, drag the icon and dragging it to a specific area that is called a drop, offers the possibility to make the game code to write to you. Once the game starts to drag and drop the icon will not be enough. This will ensure that coding is sliding towards their coding.

Mark Overmars, which was established under the company name of Yoyo Games version Game Maker is out. In 2011, Yoyo Games can be designed for HTML5 game brought the HTML5 version of Game Maker. In 2012, the Game Maker-Studio version 1.0 at the same time removing the iOS, Mac OS X, HTML5, Android and Windows 8 (JavaScript) led out of the environment.

          Game Maker ‘s free version of multiplayer support, such as DLL to use and do not support the advanced features of GML commands, the paid version does not have these limitations. Fee is approximately $ 20 Game Maker , the price is quite affordable. If you also want paid whether you think it is beautiful enough of the games you create with the free version can deal with any license or sell. Game Maker ‘s another important feature in any format if you wish is that it allows you to create games.

Game development time in this program is very fast in comparison with other languages too. But games are made a little lower than games made by other languages. Game Maker is not a game engine preferred by professional groups. However, using a prototype within the game engine allows the testing of the system easily.

In particular, it is very flexible, but unlike similar programs focused on 2D games and is suitable for development of various types of games. Game Maker with not only the game, you can in different applications. Developed a calculator, you can perform many different applications, such as registration. At the same time the use of this program is very easy to program compared to other games. In the meantime, you can use the contents of the folder you can not image Game Maker to play.   Game Maker produces .exe files. Entering the File menu, select “Create Executable” You can make the choice as exe.

“I can not deal at all with the Code.” If you say, the code offers an opportunity to make 2D games from any contamination. If you want to make fun 2D game may be necessary to know the GML language. However, if you want to make 3D games, you must absolutely learn the programming language GML.

Game Maker Interface and Event Introduction

Game Maker objects based on a game engine. There are a variety of objects and events are available in this event and receive the names of various events. They write them in code execution from the moment the game starts processing events respectively.



Sprites, all kinds of graphic and animation form. During the design of the game it can be assigned to objects or can be drawn dynamically.

Sounds;  all kinds of sounds are added to the game.

Backgrounds, background images are to be used in the game.

Paths,   a certain way of monitoring the defined paths for the desired objects. For example, the game constantly circulating determined way for a character in a particular area.

Scripts, constitute Codes. The objects are being called in.

Fonts, it may be written in different fonts to be used in the game. Even if you add these fonts can work on your computer.

Time Lines, is used to make certain scheduled tasks to objects.

Objects,   Game is part of doing business. The objects of all kinds are being portrayed in the game. Objects may appear as an invisible object. For example, every 10 seconds in the game ‘in the code that led to an enemy that can be operated by an invisible object. Objects react to events. The creation of an object, you do not have to, be clicked on to get out of the room, collision with another object, pressing a key on the keyboard, and so many events is determine what occurs.

Rooms: To run the game do they need to create at least one room. Associated with the game is projected on the screen thanks to all rooms. Each level of the game can be engaged in a different room. Room to determine the number depends on your preference.

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