Minecraft Sınıflara Girerse…


        Minecraft with a history of less than six years in the market, people have applauded more for the salami can feature stories and creative environments. Writing in the example I will mention the reasons why that form the applause.

        First Minecraft, despite continuous updates made, safeguarding fundamental dynamics of a game. Besides, the objective level as in the traditional game of Minecraft jump, level does not include the classic elements such as upgrades or gaining points. It allows players to create their own goals and achieving them about the environment.

        When you enter in Single Player mode, you start to play with you in the background created a world within certain rules. Created cattle in the world, it has a wide variety of creatures and creatures. But the game is the main factor in the form of a LEGO block of all these substances. In this way, the player can only edevat instruments and recognized the opportunity to pick up the pieces. Collect the players started to build new structures in these parts, order to obtain the parts needed for more complex structures Minecraft beginning to explore the vast border. All these discoveries and rich content, to make the player’s complicated structures, able to create new landscapes, allows the ability to create visual content and even make new games in the game.


Minecraft players are not rewarded as they did. So, although the players hours to dig a mountain or spend it constantly dig in place though, the game does not offer a direct reward or punishment for such behavior. Players are directed to pursue new opportunities within the facilities offered to them Minecraft naturally. These opportunities to build natural wonders within a specific plan to revive the famous movie scene, becoming monuments and works of art products. That will happen to children with four different angles of view on Minecraft:

        Appliances mastery: helping friends or group members is enough space for them in providing assistance when necessary. In this way, they feel themselves unnecessary. Both personal goal of becoming a target as a group they are trying to achieve both.

        Limitation of tools: number of materials they have the players, pushing them in the event they have been able to share the needs. Moreover, once they can do to participate in this idea of sharing their duty to complete the work even.

        Accessibility: a group of children’s reach simultaneous physical LEGO play the same parts with a common pool or common parts is not possible. Especially in front of a child towards a small part of LEGO’s hands off another child and creates obstacles. Minecraft world to get the materials they need, considering that all players can think big to be discovered can always explore the new region. Thus we see that the budget can not be presented in a classroom setting or small children up to provide great material.

        Personal space: The combination of physical as children if they are not close friends can sometimes create comfortable environments. It can cause changes in fundamental factors, perhaps in groups to prepare the group to create work environments. Simple to create collaborative examples, you can take the first step to be able to provide a more comprehensive analysis and data collection to carry forward the work of this group.


Nhulunbuy Primary School, Minecraft Camp | June 2013

        The above-mentioned outside of a few basic examples, there are a few technical details to know about Minecraft. First play DRM-Free stamp bears. So the game in offline or online and make changes to copyright these changes, you deal with legal procedures such limitations can deploy without any trouble. Secondly, the game does not need expensive computers that require high technical specifications. Multiplayer Server can install easily the most simple even your computer and start the game.

        Finally, children should be seen as a problem by understanding the game, the game world with their habits that they have a direct bearing similarities with Minecraft will learn quickly. These studies conducted in a virtual environment alongside annoying parents and educators is an issue they focus on priorities. Such may require continuous monitoring to create areas to avoid losing bad condition and control.

References: Berg Marklund, Bjorn. “Emergent Learning: Peer collaboration and learning in user-driven environments.” (2011).


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