Legolar ile Kendi Robotunu Canlandır!


He met with lego during certain periods of childhood, combining them mUşUzdUr revive our various imaginary hero. But our hero could not go more than a Lego toy. So what now?

Now available Lego sets configured for use in the training. LEGO Education sets … and programmed for one set of Lego Wedo Education program …

The first thing taught in the primary school teachers are “learning to learn” is. Children by hearing, seeing, touching begin to perform learning.

The students, according to a research done,
read what  10% of all;
hear what  26% of;
Lacklustre  30% flour;
They’il see and what they hear  50%,
say they are 70% of the; Yapipar they say  90% of its  holding in mind. 

Now consider the Lego Education set.

  1. Color lego parts of …
  2. Parts in touch …
  3. Touch merge …
  4. Combine programming …
  5. monitoring the movements of robots programmed …
  6. And they tell all their friends eventually formed what they did with thrilling results, say they share their experiences.

You will remember that the percentage of robotic studies using these sets?

Not so great now?

Students in the younger age groups with the use of this set priorities in education are beginning to develop fine motor skills and kinesthetic. Parts can be brought together, they make a scheduled follow a particular sequence. These bring together the steps in the tutorial available in the form of Lego Wedo Education program.

Education can do with Lego Sets WILL

There are many sets can be created, as can be seen from the picture above. see and learn how it’s done by clicking on the desired set in the robot program is very easy. Just enough to follow these steps.

Lego Robot Creation First Steps
Lego Robotics Creating Final Steps

When programming with Lego as an advantage?

The biggest advantage of programming with Lego, easy for both beginners and students with programming that can be observed. So the movements of their children can watch Lego robots in 3D. If you notice errors can be hand can hold. Therefore, it is possible seeing success alive.

Lego Wedo Education Program How to Use?

The use of Lego Education Wedo software designed in a very simple way. Only essential engine moves “drag and drop” operations that you are coding robot.

legowedosoftwar to
Lego Wedo Software

Your robot is ready … ready … the USB end of your program your robot Simply press the play button and attach to your computer …
and make both codes …
complete coding motion …

For More;

Ayse Yilmaz Gul
ICT Teacher / Bahçeşehir College


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