Unity3D İle Hayallerinizdeki Oyunu Yapmaya Başlayın


What Unity3D?

          Unity  Technologies  fee is a game engine developed by the company and you can program in simple terms. In unit3d  JavaScriptC # and  Boo , thanks to the function defined using the language of code can perform very nicely turned out very little typing. Especially if you have an interest in programming languages and development If you start a new game it will give you many advantages.

“FREE” and “PRO” Two versions are available, including. Unity3D ‘s free version provides the services necessary to develop the game of individual users on Windows and MAC environments. But if you say I think greater things, “PRO” so you need to switch to the paid version.

         Unity3D ‘ If you want to download your can download a free trial version from the official site. If you want to buy can buy licensed licensed at $ 75 per month or $ 1,500.


Unity3D which works across platforms?

PC, MAC, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Xbox 360, will run on platforms such as PS3.


Unity3d’y Why Should I Use?

          Unity3D also designed to support multi-platform games that can run on multiple platforms. There is also a large community that officially support the 3D game engine. Thanks to your questions are answered by this community Unity3D developer. You can perform the same time with Unity 2D project but the main purpose of this program is to develop 3D projects.


          Unity3D ‘s Asset Store has a wide range of. Adding to the scene objects via the graphical user interface and has the added option to set the way you want the object’s features. Unity3D game engine, 3D models to be shared actively Unity users, game code and other media sharing offers the opportunity to shop at their stores.

If you do want to turn to computer games for other platforms, Unity3D can also perform a single click. With this feature you can turn on the IOS version, for example in a game the minute you made for Android. Another difference is also flexible and cheaper than any other game engine. In this case as well as the rapid development of both unity3d’n allows the first to be chosen by game makers.


Made with Unity3D Games What?

Traffic Racer, Temple Run, Temple Run 2, Mini Driver, Dead Trigger, Bladeslinger Bad Piggies …

These are some of the games made with Unity3D. It is designed with so many more games like this game engine.


Unity Interface How are you?

          Unity3D, has a very comprehensive interface. But if we talk about the important points first then download and install Unity3D program can give you the shape you want your interface from the Layout section in the upper right.


Scene in the upper left corner of the screen you can see the name, the environment that allows us to change our character we create on stage in visiting the scene and objects. The Right next Game of the players and see where we use in order to test our game.

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Hierarchy you see in the upper left corner is the part that lists the objects in our scene.


Project script we use in our projects, etc .. includes all materials, such as texture are.

The Inspector in the top corner of the right lists all the properties of a selected object. If written in a code of objects in that area can be found here.


          In part by Transform Position object’s position, and that the returned objects Rotation and Scale refers to the size of the object.


Powerful and handy with the type of game you want thanks to this program, you can often desired for various visual. If you have a good understanding of 3D game developers the 3D setting for your dream Unity3D , the first in this regard will allow you to have a good experience.


For more information: http://unity3d.com/ you can visit the page.



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