Yaş Seviyelerine Göre Kodlama Eğitimi


Students are no longer given age level coding education in all schools, despite differences between schools. Coding training while our goal is the same, although individual differences of students can be given coding training Considering many emerging platforms.

I got this spell on the platform differences and level differences , taking into account coding training can be given to students from kindergarten to high school and I’m going to talk about the platform language.

The first step that should be considered before the platform differences and level differences; coding training will give the student will be like. Does the new model is drag and drop? Or is writing code line by line?

After this distinction platform comes into play. I stayed here in the past I now write to you line by line code suggestions. By leaving the new world you can also drag and you’ll be able to do many operations much more advanced version. Therefore, drag and drop your turn to working platform with the method certainly has benefits.

Figure 1: coding education for children
Image 1

Coding Training and platforms will be level;

Level: Kindergarten
Kindergarten coding training the Scratch Jr. and Code.org ‘u can use. Scratch Jr. only works on the iPad for the moment. But code.org due to an internet site can be accessed from any platform.

Kodabl to ‘s kindergarten can also use the first two periods. However, the next level will be difficult for kindergarten.

Level: Primary

Primary School from the first grade we consider the fact that if we start training you can spend the first two and half years, including the last two. But if you do the first time you start thinking about the level of your students practice the content of the first class of students in the third grade would be more accurate.  

If you do coding education in kindergarten or Scracth Jr. If you start a primary school education coding in Scratch Jr. then use. Code.org ‘until secondary school including code.org secondary level education level for that coding is a platform available for all levels. Therefore, you can make appropriate activities for your students considering the students’ situation.

scratch and scratch JR coding training for entry into primary school from outside kodabl and play code monkey ‘i can use.

Kodabl the ‘students are trying to sign in to the class that you create can also be followed so that your students.

It works on all platforms Kodable also come into consideration as another positive side.

Playcodemonkey from the monkeys’ u need to take a banana with the code line by line to write logic. An easy method of writing code line by line to explain the logic, but we must not forget that language as English.

Third and coding education in the fourth grade for longer Scratch ‘e can login.

Figure 2
coding education for children

Level: Secondary School
Secondary education in the coding yapıldıysa- entrance -if school now needs to raise a further step gear.

the first models can recommend whether to continue with Scratch games and projects you can do. You can enrich the makey makey made this project such as utilities.

You can also program the robot using programmable robots with other models as a scratch. 

In a third model in scratch from the left secondary education in coding what appınvent with mobile application development or code with Game Lab game production can be switched n. Game Labor Code ‘can also make the game as input objects in a visual programming interface. Turkish coding to do with blocks of code much more simplistic case.

App Inventor is running smoothly at all platform because it runs in the browser. The Code Game Lab is Windows only at work.

Level: High School
Here coding training school is now entering the circuit freedom and depart limits. If your student If you brought here as coding training and he is already destined to an area he loves coding.

But still you need to do in case of mentoring;

Code with Game Lab and Unity game making,

mobile apps made with App Inventor,

robotics with LabVIEW,

iOS app made by Swift,

C # desktop application with construction or

Can be processed in php or asp.net web application construction course content.
Important : Coding before entering the training referring literally to the students the algorithm must be given training. Algorithm training definitely skipped should not because it is not how to do the important coding can stimulate the mind processes you need to do before that. As long as the right steps to stimulate students in the program head will only get to see the mouse and keyboard of your hand!
Figure 1

Figure 2


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