Blocky ile hem programlamaya hem de programlama dillerine giriş yapın!




Developed by Blockly Google Developers, to teach programming logic and bring a permanent status with exercise , it is also a web-based, as shown in the code writing in a specific language platform. In cases where the programming curiosity or before try to be useful for those who think you can not do I think it is a platform. Blockly there are many applications like web-based applications, but Blockly the difference of the command also blocks you created with JavaScript, Python is to show how to use the languages thes.

Logging in using the gmail account was developed by Google Developers. No need to input your Google account even if your browser is open. which can be used as open accounts through automated applications. At the same time there are also Turkish language support on the website.

The aim of the platform:

By Blockly 2 one web-based platform designed. One, as I Mentioned only give it in one of the programming languages also learning opportunity can provide. On the other hand certain of the categories of games that prepared you can play. There’s no programming language you just trying to make the Desired command and status levels can now block this way. The students are aimed to learn a fun platform. A website that can be used by any audience with curiosity as he addressed the students. I think by moving the children can understand the logic programming using the programming languages and curiosity and block commands that have information about spellings, it is an importante step towards the concretisatio commander of the blocks they use.

Getting to know Closely Platform:

I said that only give it 2 units of Blockly website platform. This platform is also seen in the spelling of programming languages. The blocks are divided into various categories. For example, in the logic of “if” There is a process related to the command.


3We can also perform some operations with the icon in the bottom left of the page. For example, a “trash” can delete any block we add a page or by Clicking on the “+” you can enlarge by Clicking on the icon you add blocks.





4Located in the upper left of the page to the “trash”, “share” and “play” are the keys. Make a link to the project you can share in this way.


Nor any other terms of use and block commands that work on the “settings” can be seen by Clicking the icon.


After using the commands you want to run on the left side of the page to “play” , just click the button. For example, some typed commands, you create a piece of code. ” Play ” to click the button. Than you will see a screen like this against your blog and you will understand that this is the way it works. I do not want you to turn off the screen leaving my command, I’m not sure it is possible.


Add tabs by Clicking on the blocks that he wrote the name of the language corresponded to which you can also see the code. I added to the block commands using JavaScript code in the Following way:


Other platforms in the platform Blockly “Blockly Games” called platforms. Here we can use the Desired State block commands.

8The interface Blockly Games website as follows:


These two platforms are available at the link below. ‘S Enough that you want to use and the Possibilities in this direction …

Blockly Games website

Blockly website the

The example is provided below with Blockly. You can find it is easier to recognize the possibility of watching platform.


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